Timo van Koppelen (Customs):

Hi Detective! It is good you’re here. We can use your help! We have found 1452 kg in XTC, hidden in a container of pineapples. John Hessen, one of my colleagues, has found them during a random check. John has made picture and we already interrogated him, so you can continue with the investigation. Furthermore, we have already interrogated the distributor of the pineapples; due to international security reasons we have put a password on the report of that interrogation.

I am sorry, I am very busy with other investigations, so I have to leave. I am sure you will find the right perpetrator.

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Useful documents

Here are the documents that are already made by your colleagues. These documents might help you in the search for the perpetrator. Click on the image to open the document.

Do you know who did it?

Click here ONLY when the proof is that obvious that there is no way around it. Don’t you have it? Then you might be pointing towards someone who is innocent. This will cost you your reputation as a detective, so be aware of this!