Drugssmokkel | Piña (EN – competition with a large group)


Vind jij de verdachte die de XTC in de ananassen heeft gestopt?



Want to play DigiDetective with a large group? Then this is the right place to be!


The story

The customs have found 1452 kilos of drugs in a container of pineapples. Up to you, detective, to map the criminal network and to arrest the right suspect in this case. Will you find out who has given the final orders to ship the drugs? Get in the skin of a real detective and connect all clues leading to the real criminal!

What to expect?

📱Search documents of a suspect’s phone

🕵🏼‍♀️Look for clues on social media (Instagram, LinkedIN)

🏬 Scout locations

🔑 Crack passwords

🧩 Solve puzzles

Duration: ~ 1,5 hr +/- 0,5 hour for introduction and winner announcement
Level of difficulty: Intermediate

How many cases should I buy?

Cases are bought per team. We advise you to play with a maximum of 4 players per team, so that everyone can really contribute to solving the case.

For instance, are you with 11 persons in total? Then we advice you to play in 3 teams: 2 teams of 4, and 1 team of 3 persons. You will buy 3 times access to the case.


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